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Informational Interview

November 26, 2013


Two weeks ago in my Applied Mass Communications Public Relations class I met a young woman named Erika Adams.  Adams came into our class to speak to us about her job and how to be successful in the digital world.  She is currently working for the Lindenwood Public Relations Office as an assistant managing the social media networks and helping to properly advertise for Lindenwood University.  Once I met Erika I knew that I wanted to find out more detail about her job and the digital media world.  Adams graduated from Mizzou with a bachelor’s degree in Convergence Media, which is part of the Journalism program. Adams loves working for Lindenwood because it makes her feel important, and loves connecting with the students.  If people have questions or problems, Adams is right there trying to lend a helping hand to those in need. The main importance of working with the social media sites of Lindenwood University is creating a great community online. She believes that it is key to get the students, staff, parents, and incoming students involved with Lindenwood, answer questions, and offer solutions to problems. Adams also said that she tries to create a fun and caring environment for everyone.

When many of us think about social media we usually just think about posts and blogging. Adams’ job is much more than that. On a daily basis, she helps manage all social media accounts that are linked to Lindenwood. To keep a close eye on all of the social media, Erika uses a Hootsuite account to watch over the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn of Lindenwood University. While reading posts from students and family members, Adams also keeps busy with creating and updating LU’s posts/blogs, creating infographics, keeping students updated with new and helpful information, and managing accounts for the school. She is in charge of getting students and faculty members set up with their accounts and helping them learn how to use them as well.

Erika Adams has been working for Lindenwood since July of 2013 while she goes to graduate school. The thing that she likes most about working for the Public Relations Department at Lindenwood is how rewarding the job is. She loves to be able to help others and be able to spread the great reputation of Lindenwood University. Adams likes having the ability to chat with future students and send personalize messages to make them feel welcome. When asking Adams for some helpful tips for students entering into the various communications fields, she said to make sure you have and established LinkedIn account. Making connections is key, and make as many connections as you can right now. Look for companies you are targeting and start connecting. On a more personal note, make sure that all of your social media accounts are professional. It is very common for professionals to look at your social media sites to get a feel for who you are.

In class your teachers can preach to you about how important blogging and social media sites are for your own personal brand, but when talking to Adams it helped me realize how true that statement really is. Adams is currently working with the PR department and her entire job revolves around social media and how to connect with the community. The communications field is moving towards media and social networking more and more each day. If you want to get your name out there then you need to continue to blog, continue to update your site’s information, and give feedback to those who are looking for answers/solutions to problems. Social media is the answer for those companies that want to succeed in the future. It’s all about your marketing and advertising techniques using social media.


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