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Guest Speaker TJ Kirgin

October 8, 2013

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The guest speaker that came into our Geek class on Thursday was Mr. TJ Kirgin.  Kirgin works for Anchor STL, an inbound marketing company.  This company is its own advertising agency that is constantly evolving with the new trends and technology.  Kirgin is a part of a team that uses technology such as television, internet, and radio to help advertise.  Because everything is moving and progressing so quickly, the hard-working people are Anchor STL are always making sure they keep up to date on their information.

Kirgin is in charge of training new workers to make sure they understand the system and how everything is ran and operated.  He covered many different topics while speaking with our class and made it very clear how important social media is when creating a business.  A great piece of information that was shared was the inbound marketing methodology.  This is the process that explains how a person can simply be a stranger, then a visitor, a lead, customer, and then even a promoter.  It is all about following the steps: Attract, convert, nurture, and delight.  These are all key elements that play a large role when creating a site and making it stand out among all the rest.  You need to blog in order to attract your customers, then you need to convert  by using landing pages, contacts, forms, and etc., You then nurture them by using work flow as well as email, and finally you delight them by using social media.

Kirgin made it a point to tell us that content is crucial.  What you put on your site/page is absolutely key.  It needs to be unique, valuable, and engaging.  If you aren’t capable of grabbing the viewer’s attention, you aren’t getting the job done.  In today’s media it is extremely important to blog and make sure you’re voice is heard.  Kirgin stressed this, “Blog before you have a product. Blog before you have a website. Blog before you have anything.” This goes to show how crucial it is to get involved and allow others to see what you are all about.  Be helpful and informative towards those who are visiting your site.

A press release was one thing that definitely stuck in my mind the most about his presentation.  Every company needs to have a story line.  It doesn’t matter if it is fact or fiction, but it needs to be interesting and engaging.  Make sure there are leads, which will boost your credibility, search rankings, and this will lead to quality traffic.  If you make a story, stick to it and always make sure it is told.

The bounce rate is also a topic Kirgin covered.  If people are going to visit your page make sure that there are keywords and links that may take them to helpful end pages.  You don’t want your website visitors to be confused on where they end up.  Make sure you have a sticky homepage, good design, parallax, and no auto play sound or video.  You want them to be intrigued at all times with your site.  Another important thing to remember when talking about good design is having a natural look.  By having an unnatural looking link structure, it can make you lose 33% of traffic.  If something is unnatural, it makes people feel like something isn’t right and they don’t want to have anything to do with it.

Kirgin’s whole presentation allowed me to see how everything we are covering now in class can actually be put to use in the real world.  It was pretty crazy to hear him talk about the Google Penguin and Panda, considering we just talked about the importance and reasoning behind them only a couple weeks ago in class.  It puts everything into perspective and opened my eyes on what to expect when entering the real world.  We are always talking and blogging in class and it’s nice to see how Kirgin uses his Twitter page and Google+ to stay connected with his customers, friends, and potential future customers.  We are always blogging and posting on our community page for our Geek class, but everything we are doing in our class is what Kirgin is doing for his career every day.  If there is one thing I will remember from all of this it is to BLOG LIKE CRAZY AND KEEP BLOGGING!!!!!!


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