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Keyword Research Adventures

October 1, 2013


When going on to Google AdWords, I decided to go with something simple yet stylish.  I wanted to look up the short-tail keyword jean jackets.  There were a lot of different options that popped up once I began my search. When using the simple phrase such as jean jackets a lot of things such as; clothing, jean shorts, cheap jeans, vintage jean jackets, leather jackets, and etc. popped up as alternative keywords. The highest search on this short-tail was for leather jackets which had an average monthly search of 131,580, with a high competition rate and the suggested bid at $1.26. The keyword clothing took second place with the AMS of 81,020, with a high competition rate and the suggested bid at $1.11.


When doing keyword research, like the short-tail which was discussed earlier, the long-tail is 3 or more words, not as competitive as short-tail, and it has more insight for its users. When searching the long-tail keywords I used the phrase vintage jean jackets for women. This phrase helped to narrow down the search and it is a lot more descriptive. When typing in vintage jean jackets for women there was an AMS of 40, the competition was high, and the suggested bid was $1.67. This research was a little difficult for me to understand because I’ve never really looked into keywords or anything like that. Everyone uses them everyday but when you look into it it’s cool to see everything broken down.

SERP is another thing we touched base on in class on Tuesday. The search engine results page is what pops up after typing something into the search engine. The name is pretty self explanatory when talking about the SERP. It is all of the results from which you are trying to research. The user intent is very important when it comes time for people seeking information. It is frustrating at times for people when using certain search browsers and it should be an easy process. The user intent is what exactly the user means by using the keyword.

The search query is everything put together. It is everything that has been searched for in the search box. During this research advernture I have learned that every word matters. Putting more information and detail into the search query will end with a more narrowed down result.

Learning how to use keywords is very important because it helps to see how things are searched for and other related searches. This process also allows users to see how the competition is and etc. I also like all the graphs that shows exactly what is searched for and the increase and decrease over time.


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