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Lauren Weller-Calvin Klein Case Study Response

May 6, 2013

While watching the Calvin Klein advertising commercials with the “underage” teens, it made me feel very uncomfortable.  The atmosphere of the old wood panneled basement, dim lighting, and laddar left a very uneasy feeling.  Klein’s creepy man voice made it seem as if he was a pervert getting ready to attack his next victim.  This strategy was bold and very risky because people don’t do well when it comes to children in an unsafe environment, and that is exaclty what it is.  In today’s society, I feel like this would go over much worse.  We are use to people using sex to sex products and to advertise, but this is a whole different level.  This is in the category of molestation and a sick old man watching young adults dance around and show off their bodies.  You would never even know that the commercial was for jeans if you were just to stumble accross it on TV or the internet.  The only thing that reassures you that it’s a jean commercial for Calvin Klein is at the end when his name pops up, as well as when he asks if the jeans are comfortable (in a low/creepy voice).  It definitely grabs the attention of the viewers in a sense that it is awkward and you feel gross for even watching it.  I don’t think this type of advertising would go over well in today’s society.  These commercials are everything that your parents warned you about as a kid.


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