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Theories of Moral Development

April 22, 2013

Everyone has a different view when it comes to morals.  The development of morals comes different to each individual. I personally believe that your morals become stronger as you get older and experience life.  I agree with the development stages of the Kohlberg development.  The Preconventional stage is the stage that is ranging from birth to 9 years of age. This is the stage in life when one is introduced to punishments and tries to avoid them, while trying to earn a reward.  The Conventional stage is ranging from 9 years of age to 20.  This is what I would refer to as the self exploring stage. This is when you are trying to figure yourself out and come into realization of your owne personal moral beliefs. You gain approval and avoid disapproval, and then come to learn your duties and introduced to guilts. The Postconventional stage is the age of 20+.  This stage is when you agree on your rights and have come to grasp your personal moral standards.  This is an important stage because these are usually the morals you carry with you throughout your life.  These stages do impact everyone’s life in one way or another, but I do believe that the different impacts of life allow for men and women to act differently on them.  Men have a different focus on life as well as women. 


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