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Political Ad

April 7, 2013


I decided to go with the political ad that deals with the surviving rape victims from this last election.  The commercial shows a woman telling her personal story about how she is a surviving rape victim and that she use to be a Republican, but because of what Todd Akin said about rape, she is no longer voting for him.  This ad was definitely in favor of Claire McCaskill because of the ignorance that Akin has on the topic such as rape.  The ad makes us feel sympathetic towards the woman who is sharing her survival story and also leaves us second guessing our stance on the situation.  Political Ads to me are a whole bunch of bull.  The opposing party does whatever they can to make the other look bad.  It is a big game to get people to like you and vote for you, no matter how much lying and misleading information is used.  It is all one big game and we all continue to be sucked into it when it comes time to vote.  The ad is very effective because many women can relate to how emotional and traumatizing the survivor must have been feeling while dealing with a rape.  If you are going to be a political figure, you need to carefully select your words and actions when it comes to controversial topics.


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