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Ch. 8 Group Photo Discussions

April 7, 2013

CASE 8-A Daniel Pearl and the Boston Phoenix: Too Much of a Bad Thing?

3. Is there a morally relevant distinction between the tape of Pearl and the 9/11 World Trade Center footage?

There is a difference in the footage taped of Daniel Pearl and the coverage of 9/11.  9/11 was a horrific event that will make a dramatic mark in history.  The coverage and videos shown of 9/11 aren’t of people suffering and being tortured.  There is no reason to show any of the video of Daniel Pearl. Morally you shouldn’t show people being tortured and held captive and watch their lives come to an end.  Yes, 9/11 does allow us to see what happened to many men and women who lost their lives because of a terrorist attack, but the coverage is more of a warning to what happened and what is being done about terrible event.

CASE 8-B Problem Photos and Public Outcry

1. Should the photographer have taken the picture? Justify your answer.

In this case there was a student living in a dorm and had a miscarriage.  The girl had put the baby in a plastic bag along with rubber gloves and a few bloody towels into the dumpster.  The photographer for the student paper was walking by and just so happened to snap a photo.  I feel like this striving student would take a photograph of anything that will get his/her career on the move.  The photo is morally wrong, but I feel like a young newspaper photographer would snap the camera at the horrific event because it allows them to get experience with news stories that aren’t morally right.  Whether it was the school newspaper photographer, or a man walking by on the street, someone would have taken the picture and it would have gotten out some how.  We thrive off of these sick and twisted stories and photographs because it allows us to feel as if we were right there in the action.

CASE 8-C Manipulating Photos: Is It Every Justified?

2. Should Walski have been fired? Why?

I believe that when you are taking photographs you have a duty to fulfill.  Many people look to the photographs to give them proof of what is going on in a certain area, or event.  If you take two photographs and manipulate them into looking like one photo it can change the entire meaning of the photograph.  It creates a whole different illusion of the image and people can get mixed signals.  If you are going to manipulate your photographs and submit them into the paper, then yes you should be fired.  If he was just messing around on Photoshop and just created an image or whatever and had no intentions of submitting them then that’s a whole different story.



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