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Citizen McCaw-Post 2: The Future of Newspapers

March 20, 2013

The future of newspapers aren’t looking too hot!!  Yes we need our news and it is important for the community to be aware of news worthy issues, but it is slowly declining.  The news itself is always going to be profitable, but distributing news on newsprint is not.  This is a very strong statement, but because times are constantly changing, we see a the different varieties of how we recieve our news.  Today we have social media sites that are very effective toward reaching its viewers and getting the point across.  The bad thing about this is that newsprint isn’t making much money which results in low profit and causes a problem for printing news material.  Reporting and editing is expensive because it takes a lot of people to guarantee the information is factual, you have to hire and pay people for their information they gathered, you have to spend time and money editing a newspaper and all of it has its own process.  High costs of this process has remained the same, but people aren’t buying printed news as much when they can get all the stories they need for free off of the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. 


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  1. Do people even care that much about accuracy any more given all the fast reporting encouraged by the internet and other 24-hour news outlets?

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