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Ch. 7 Case- “Bonding” Announcements in the News-Lack of Diversity

March 20, 2013

Being open minded to new ideas and ways is what I have always been about.  If someone is gay and wants to marry the man/woman of their dreams, by all means go for it!!  We as a society have a hard time accepting people for who they are and tend to make everyone else’s business our own.  I believe that the paper in this circumstance should have accepted the announcement.  We as a whole need to stop being so narrow minded towards people and their sexual preferences and allow everyone to live their life.  The bonding of two people, whether it be gay or straight is an important concept, and if should have been accepted by the paper.  The lack in diversity in our society is continuously brought up and because there are so many people narrow minded and set in their ways.  I feel as if the newspaper should give everyone an equal access to its pages, not just one specific group.  The newspaper doesn’t have to go in to extreme detail on either stories, but just announcing someones special day, there shouldn’t even be a problem with that at all.  This would allow others to see that the newspaper is accepting and open to all people.  Pre-judging and discriminating against an individual because of their sexual preferences is not morally correct.  I understand that religion plays a large role in developing certain beliefs on topics such as gay marriage, but we are also taught to be accepting of all.  If it isn’t harming your life, then I feel as if people should be happy and live their life the way they want to live it.  After all, the key to life is happiness, and by punishing a certain group for having a different view on a topic isn’t morally correct.

In class we talked about how there is a lack in diversity in Media Ownership and I feel as if it needs to change.  Out of the hundreds of media businesses in Chicago only 1 is ran/owned by an African American.  When researching the topic they need to go more into depth with it, not only just interview the few people you see.  There are many things that still need to change in our society today to create a more diverse environment.  If we continue to brush these issues off, we aren’t going to progress like we should be and nothing positive will come from it.


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