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Citizen McCaw Post 1

March 18, 2013

 Jerry Roberts’s comment that journalists “are in the truth business,” is a very controversial topic.  There are some journalists who do indeed cover stories with honesty as their guidelines.  But not all journalists/reporters feel this way.  Some people feel the need to do whatever they can to get a good story, even if it means not being honest, blackmailing, and etc.  Money and power are two things that drive the decisions of many journalists.  When it comes to Wendy McCaw she is definitely not one who is in the truth business.  Jerry Roberts was a well liked man who ran a honest and truthful business.  McCaw didn’t like being challenged or underestimated and would do anything to prevent it.  An example of such actions, when Wendy fired her employees because they didn’t agree with what she was doing.  She made them not speak about certain topics and fired them when they wouldn’t do the unethical things she wanted.  McCaw has lost a lot of different employees and it has definitely made the company take a negative turn.  There should be truth behind every story, because it is the job of a journalist to inform the people of the truth.  Instead, the idea of warping the views of the people are more important. 


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