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March 6, 2013

From the eyes of a viewer I think that it is crazy to think that you even have any privacy on the Internet.  Even since I was first starting to use computers and the Internet, people always told me to be careful what you put on-line, who you’re talking to, and half the time people aren’t even who they say they are.  There is always someone who can hack into your personal belongings and share your information with the world, so be careful!  Yes it would be nice to have privacy, but you have to you’re naive if you think that you actual have 100% privacy with anything you do.

Journalists have always had that bad guy reputation because of how sneaky they can be to get details for their stories.  Social media and crazy television shows that catch on-line rapists is a form of journalism.  They are still people doing a job to cover an issue or story that was assigned to them.  I think that there are journalists that use their journalism productively and then there are those who just try to find any little piece of dirt on anyone just to create a story, but sadly enough it is all journalism.

I feel as if the media should stay separate from law enforcements and watchdog programs.  The reason being is because people in the media tend to be very bias and it would be very opinion based rather than factual I feel.  Yes the media does do a very good job covering certain news stories and what not, but they also stir up a lot of drama and trouble that doesn’t need to be mixed in with law enforcement.

To Catch a Predator is a television show that pretty much just draws in the potential child molestor and reveals them on national television.  Yes this is good to know and I  believe that if you are going to take upon yourself to commit these actions the community has the right to know who you are.  I also feel as if we all have this little part within ourselves that wants to know the skeletons in other peoples’ closets.  The right to know whether there is a priest or a teacher who secretly lives a double life and is trying to molest or rape minors should be available.  The community has the right to know who they are neighbors with.

People are drawn in by the illusions of other people’s horrible experiences and we feed off of it.  It is sad to say that we as human beings like to see the “reality” view of stanger’s life.  Even though more than half of the things we view aren’t even true, we still find entertainment in others’ failures and horrid stories.  These reality programs draw viewers in because it takes us away from our boring lives and in the long run make ourselves feel better about the boring lives we lead.

There are both public good and harm that comes from these types of television shows.  The good thing being that many people realize how ignorant others can be on the Internet and help them to censor their profiles.  Another good would is that it allows us to help show our children that things like rape, molestation, and lying on the Internet are possible outcomes and we need to protect ourselves and be careful with what you do and say on-line.  The bad effects of these shows are that some of them are very unrealistic and show very dumb and uneducated people.  Some people may continue being ignorant of their surroundings on-line because they think that something like this wont happen to themselves.  People may start to believe everything that they see, take the stories too literal, and start accusing people that show some of the same signs as the predators on the television show. 


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