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February 27, 2013

Compare the television landscape of today with the landscape depicted in Network.  In particular, how has the average television viewer’s news gathering methods and sources changed?

The television landscape for the movie Network was mainly factual and informal information that was important to its viewers.  As we see in the movie, Howard Beale goes a little crazy, but the audience eats that right up.  It is something completely different from the other news stations and it draws in more and more viewers, increasing their ratings.  This movie shows how ratings are a key element to the televisions landscape and they will do whatever they need to do to be the top station.  In today’s society, television landscape is mostly about entertaining the viewers, no matter what the circumstances may be.  Viewers have become a lot more needy and don’t really care about the story of the news, but more interested in the gory details.  Television today has adapted to the changes and the wants of the people.  It does whatever it can to satisfy us, so we continuously watch what they are showing us. 

At one point, Howard Beale says that only 3 percent of Americans read books while only 15 percent read newspapers.  Comment on how the decline of print has impacted Americans’ knowledge of the world, critical thinking skills, and maybe intellect.

Howard Beale makes a very strong factual statement about how many Americans’ are staying up to date on their reading, whether it be newspapers or books.  This comment is refering to the decline in printed materials and the incline in how severly important television has become.  Because people aren’t reading as much, it is important that the citizens stay informed and knowledgable of the world.  Television is a way that viewers can stay involved in what is going on each day.  The downfall to the whole decline in print is that reading is an important concept, and it helps develop you as a person and with your grammar skills.  When you’re reading a book, you are getting substantial and factual information that you can use and learn from, television can be both misleading and uninformative on important topics.  No matter how advanced the world becomes, I believe that we will alway need printed materials. 


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  1. Funny, too, that is is clear other stations are rushing to follow Beale’s style in the movie.

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