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Twitter vs. Journalism

February 25, 2013

In the case Twitter Ethics for Journalists: Can You Scoop Yourself, it talks about the rights and wrongs when it comes to tweeting.  If you are a Journalist you want the inside scoop on what is going on in the world.  Twitter allows for an individual to post about their past, present, and future thoughts. Because Twitter is used by so many, it is an easy social media option to get something spread quickly. Many people read posts, and tweets, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation. In this case in particular using the Potter Box, we see that some people don’t mind bending and twisting their morals and even loyalties. David Schlesinger tweets things that are damaging to a company. By telling people through tweets that “Soros-financial industry has to shrink by half!”, allows them to get inside of a business’s personal information that may not have wanted to be announced yet. It is ok to state the definition of a problem, that is the job of the Journalist. I don’t believe that Journalist needs to spread things that he/she just heard considering you need the facts first. The bad thing about tweeting about a persons Corporation/organization is that it leaves room for someone to damage the value. When reading, David Schlesinger tweets, he is just stating the facts, but he is also states the name of the company, which can hurt their reputation. While being a Journalist you have to articulate your loyalty, meaning that you need to decide if your loyalty belongs strictly towards your job, or towards the right and consideration of the community and the people. Schlesinger believes that social networking such as Twitter is the new way to get your voice out there and be heard by many. Schlesinger’s loyalty definitely lies within his job and doing whatever he has to do to get his story out there. He realizes that by saying dangerous things, he can have a negative effect on someone’s reputation, but he also acts on any opportunity given.


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