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February 13, 2013

In the case study focusing on Corporate Responsibilities, Brita came up with a way to be more “environmental” friendly.  They say that by switching to a Brita water filter and water bottle, instead of using your normal throw away plastic water bottles it helps the enviroment.  One Brita water filter is equivalent to 30 water bottles.  This seems like a good way to go, but once looked at more closely, it’s not at all. Those who developed the Brita Campaign should have been aware of the problem with recycling the Brita filters before advertising the “better and green” way of drinking water.  Although the product seems like a good idea, it is false advertising and is very hypocritical.  Brita is selling a product that consumers are using to help our enviorment but in reality it’s doing close to the same damage. 


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  1. I agree I think that they tricked people into using and buying their product. I think that people always want to help the environment so when they say you will be not be using as much plastic, and that you can reuse these filters in essence you will be helping in the effort to save the environment. I think that they really got the peoples attention by saying that they will help save the environment however i think the way in which they did it was a little bit misleading.

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