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Richard Dew vs. Stanley

February 6, 2013

These two photographers both have taken remarkable photographs dealing with dramatic events.  The photographers are showing people as they are falling to their deaths.  The difference between the two is that the man falling from one of the twin towers has a larger effect on people I feel, considering that 9/11 had such a large impact on the United States.  Everyone can relate to what happened on that September morning and it hurtfully touched the lives of many that day.  In the photo of the woman falling off of the fire escape and falling to her death, is a very sad and horrifying photo.  People then became aware of the faulty fire escapes, but I don’t believe that as many people can relate to that picture as much as they could the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.  Since the 9/11 photo was something I remember and watched our country fight through these attacks, it has a larger impact on my life.  Both photos show the ending of a person’s life.  We are watching two lives come to an end so quickly over events or situations that they had absolutely no control over.  These photos are definitely worth thousands of words, and many can relate to them both.


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  1. I agree the 9/11 photo was a lot more universal in its impact.

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