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February 4, 2013

Today in class we discussed the key elements of what we consider to be the truth.  To me truth is different to everyone.  Truth is a term used when someone can back up a statement or actions using accurate facts.  We as people tend to bend the truth and warp it into whatever we want to help ourselves come out on the upper end. It is important to use accuracy as well as being diverse.  When we are considering the class news values, you want to have a large impact on your audience.  I believe that you should base your work more on facts while talking about the truth, although it may be hard to prove certain events and what occurred in them.  It is ok to be emotional while interviewing to a certain extent.  If you are not in control and are too emotional, you will make the person you are interviewing feel uncomfortable and possibly make it hard for them to speak.  It is ok to empathize and have sympathy for someone.  That shows you are human.  If the person you are interviewing is emotional that is normal.  But you don’t want to push their limits, you need to make sure that they are comfortable talking about the intense topics that are talked about.


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