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Moral Compass

February 1, 2013

Society has put a label on our generation by the lack of moral compass in the age range from 18-25.  There are some people who are trying to find themselves and figure out their moral compass. I have been brought up in a rather large family and even from a young age, my parents are the ones who have directed my life and helped me figure out my morals and beliefs. Morals are the importance of life and the key components of being a genuinely good person. As you mature and grow into an adult, your morals will change and prosper. I feel as though there are many things that have an impact ony our decisions that you make, your religious beliefs, and how respectful of a person you are. My family has molded me into the caring and compassionate person I am today. I feel like I can talk to my family about any problems I may be faced with in life. Because my family knows me best, I feel that their advice is what I cherish the most. I also very much look up to and follow Aristotle’s beliefs. Happiness is the ultimate human good. Like stated in our book, “Seeking the golden mean implies that individual acts are not disconnected from one another, but collectively form a whole that a person of good character should aspire to.” The golden mean is simply saying that you should continue to do good things throughout your life. If you do good things you are morally a good person. I believe that everyone has that certain person or place they go for advice. Everyone has their own belief system and/or standards that they follow throughout their life span. Morals mean something different to every individual. It’s important to consider others and strive to have a moral compass.

FATHER: Why did you take that candy bar at the store?
SON: I don’t know, I guess I just wanted it and didn’t have any money.
FATHER: All because you wanted that candy bar, now you’re not allowed back into that store. Why did you do it?
SON: I didn’t really think about it.
FATHER: I raised you better than that! You should have thought about the consequences of your actions.
SON: I know I’m sorry dad. It wont happen again.
FATHER: You are better than that, and you better have learned from your mistakes. Your mother and I raised you better than that. Where were your morals?
SON: I know dad, it wont happen again I promise. I messed up and I wont take anything again.


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