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Fire Escape Discussion

February 1, 2013

During the fist discussion in class, we were all asked about a controversial topic such as the publishing of an intense picture of a woman and child falling to their death.  Although the child survived, the woman did not make it.  The photographer of the photo was not in the wrong for capturing the moment in time.  At the time the photographer thought he was in fact going to capture an amazing rescue by the fire department, which ended up turning out to be a horrific event.  Society has viewed this picture in many different ways.  There are some who believe that the photo was a good idea and has helped save many other lives by having fire escapes replaced and made more sturdy.  Then there is the other crowd that believed the picture was too over-the-top and shouldn’t have been used for the incident.  I believe that the photographer was right to do what he did.  Most of us are visual learners and that picture was definitely worth a 1,000 words and got its point across.  The photo was not meant to belittle the death of the woman, but to help and inform others of the problems that these two innocent people were faced with.


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  1. I think these days most newspaper readers wouldn’t be as shocked because of changes in societal values.

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